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I believe this is one of the greatest ideas that could have happen.  We need to educate our children on how to be there own boss.  I instill that in my children everyday.  Now my son is always thinking of new ways of making money from selling his toys to making things to sell and he is only 9 years old - I would like more information on classes for my children if there are in my area in the future.  Thanks so much for thinking of this. Great Job!!

Jacqueline Viteri
Morristown, NJ

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Excellent program! I watched 'These Kids Mean Business’ with my son who is now 17 and wants to start a photography business. I’ve been encouraging him to create his own job/money/business. This program reinforced what I’ve been telling him... that it’s within his reach to create a business that he can use to support himself and to do it while he is still young and fearless.

I think that an entrepreneurial education should be taught in all public schools. Kids should now that they have the power to create their own jobs through planning and hard work. I hope this message will inspire many people to start working for themselves in order enhance their respective communities.

Jonathan Johnson
Los Angeles, CA

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Hello! I just wanted to express how amazed I was in seeing the "These Kids Mean Business" program that aired on PBS on Friday August 31, 2007. The program really encouraged me as a parent of an African American 6-year-old male. I am extremely interested in programs such as the ones mentioned in the program. I actually didn't know that such programs existed. I am truly appreciative to the staff and volunteers that help create organizations like that.

However, since seeing the program I have been searching online for similar programs within the Los Angeles area and haven't found any. I am interested in getting information on how I can get my son involved as he is a very mature 6 year old. I would also like to get info on volunteering. Thanks!

Niesha Alexander
Los Angeles, CA

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We are interested in teaching our child about entrepreneurship, We liked the program we saw on television.

Hector Corchado
Portsmouth, Virginia

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I am impressed by these programs. Is there any way to get a CD or VCR of the broadcast?

Joan Bacon
Pomona, CA

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I was very impressed with the program on PBS (channel 8) "These Kids Mean Business". I have a 14 yr old who's a problem child because he's bored with school. This new concept might be just the incentive that can save him! He's very bright but really needs guidance. I wonder if there is anybody in the Houston area practicing this type of curriculum? Thank you.

Carlos Sanchez Jr
Houston, Texas

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Great show; we need more of this kind of show – a lot more.  Outstanding!

Rick Blanc

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My husband and I watched your program a few weeks back, we loved it and passed the info onto people in our homeschool group. You had mentioned a few businesses that are teaching from a faith based curricula. We already know of but you mentioned a few others. I would like to find out more, as we are considering teaching our middle/high school students that are in our support group. Thank you in advance.

Rhonda Geissinger
Moyock, NC

Webmaster’s Note: Please contact Entrenuity’s Brian Jenkins for possible local groups in your area.

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I'm a teacher and would like to introduce this concept to our schools in LA.

Thomas Nagel
Los Angels, CA

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I'm a grandmother of 4 wonderful little boys who are smart and very active.  They do very well in school and each one has his own personality.  I would like to open up a new awareness in them, now while they are young. After seeing the program last night I am going to start what I can start this weekend.  But I would like to receive information about this great program.  I myself have owned a business and did take as many classes as I could to ensure the productivity and success of it. Hope to hear from you soon and thank you.

Sandra (NaNa) Dunlap
Pontiac, Mich

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I was very fulfilled by the program, I think it’s the key to the problem young people face with crime, and hopelessness.  I was especially blessed by Mr. Brian Jenkins program, Entrenuity.  Without biblical principles, money is just a tool for a person to become more selfish.  Thank you very much for showing that there are programs that are looking out for the youth of today.

Maxine Gaines
Star City, AR

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NFTE took me in and they provided business classes and business seminars and I became part of an incubator program, which assigns you with a professional in any field.  And I had a lawyer and an investor, and they helped me get more involved with business, and idea of having a business. 

-Laima Tazmin


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