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Rudy Crew

Rudy Crew Interview

I think what I’d really like to accomplish is to get the notion of public schooling, to become aimed or oriented at the global economy. That we actually have to create a curriculum and a stair step, if you will, to an economy that has gotten incredibly complex, very fast-moving, and that our schools ultimately have to be that stair step in every dimension...

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  Stephan Hall's Mother

A Mother’s Perspective

As a single mother raising two children in the inner-city I desired for my children to reach their full potential despite our current circumstances. I saw Brian Jenkins’ Entrenuity, Inc. program as an open door for my son to learn about entrepreneurship...

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Rotasha Wade

Learning from Mistakes

I met ReDonna Rogers back in 1994 or 1995 through her Center for Teaching Entrepreneurship Program. And at that time, I was already starting a business, and I kind of geared in with her to learn how she structures businesses...

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  Suzanne Lawson

From Mines to Wine

The loud, shrill whistle which signaled a blast, then the blast and wait… What’s that hitting the roof?   Falling in the yard?  It is raining rocks!!  This is just too much!  First the dust, the noise of the trucks and heavy equipment night and day and now there’s a hole in the roof...


Laima Tazmin

My Life as a Business Woman

Discovering entrepreneurship and technology has been the pinnacle of my life. The progression into this world was so instinctive that I still cannot pinpoint where it began...

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  Lawrence Brian Jenkins, M.A.

Changing the Odds

Business ownership represents freedom. Within the urban context for many youth, positive choices are often limited or non‐existent. Limited options and opportunities lead to deferred visions and unrealized potential...

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