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The Enterprising Teacher*

To teach entrepreneurship effectively, the teacher must employ some of the same attributes that he or she would attempt to instill in the students. In other words, the teacher is to practice enterprising teaching. To be an enterprising teacher, one teaches in a manner that demonstrates the key entrepreneurial skills and attributes so that a teacher is in a position to lead by example and, in varying degrees, to serve as an entrepreneurial role model and mentor for students.

Entrepreneurship education, particularly at the pre-college level, is formative in nature. It aims to promote the development of characteristics, attitudes, and skills that are relevant to entrepreneurial initiative. Therefore, even though many educators may not have business experience, most are well skilled in procedures to build and affect attitudes in the classroom.

Entrepreneurs are a product of many things, the least of which is probably genetics. Entrepreneurs are a product of their environment: home, school, social, and work. The more encouragement these environments provide to enterprising behavior, the greater the likelihood that a young person will develop an interest in, and propensity for, entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is more an approach to doing things than it is the specific undertaking of a particular kind of endeavor. In that regard, the skills and characteristics of entrepreneurship can be applied as effectively to teaching as they can to any other kind of activity. If such application is made effectively by the teacher, this can not only help in the development of enterprising skills and attribute in students, but it can also provide a clears demonstration of how entrepreneurship can be applied to nonbusiness ventures.

*Adapted and used with permission.
Master Curriculum Guide: Economics and entrepreneurship
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National Organizations providing Teacher Training

National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship

NFTE’s youth entrepreneurship program is a powerful tool to help teachers and youth workers reach students in low-income communities. Its hands-on, experiential methodology engages young people and helps them improve their academic, business and life skills.

NFTE University offers an accredited entrepreneurship training program for youth work professionals and teachers of economics, business, marketing, entrepreneurship, math and social studies, who are planning school-based and out-of-school entrepreneurship programs.

Real Entrepreneurship Education

K-8 REAL Entrepreneurship (curriculum and facilitator institute) Activities and a detailed instructor's guide for establishing a community in a self-contained classroom.

REAL Entrepreneurship (curriculum and facilitator institute) A hands-on course which helps high school and post-secondary students learn to think, plan, and act as entrepreneurs.

Building Entrepreneurial Skills for Youth (workshop)
An experiential training designed for educators and youth workers who want to introduce youth to entrepreneurial thinking.

School-Based Enterprise for Youth (workshop and guide) An experiential training for teachers working with school-based enterprises (SBE) for youth. Building Entrepreneurial Skills for Youth Workshop is a 14 to 16-hour experiential training designed for educators and youth workers who want to introduce youth to entrepreneurship, infuse entrepreneurship training in a current class or workshop, and help students develop entrepreneurial skills.

The Young Entrepreneur Foundation

Take Time to Teach (T3) mentoring program is an additional resource for educators who are interested in integrating entrepreneurship into their classrooms, regardless of discipline. T3 pairs educators with a local NFIB member to answer questions about entrepreneurship and possibly serve as a classroom guest. The program is designed to complement the Entrepreneur-in-the-Classroom curriculum for high school students.

Entrepreneurship Conferences And Workshops

Check here for interesting and unique conferences and instructor training workshops sponsored by the Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education and other groups interested in the development of entrepreneurship programs at all levels of education.

Entrenuity Facilitator Training

We can train you to facilitate a fun and exciting youth entrepreneurship education program for youth, teens and young adults 8-21. We invite you to join us at Entrenuity Facilitator Training to develop the skills needed to enable youth, teens and young adults to understand the real-life opportunities of being an entrepreneur with the real-world risk.

The 25th Annual Entrepreneurship Education Forum

November 3 - 6, 2007

Sponsored by The Consortium For Entrepreneurship Education

Join us in Charleston, South Carolina, to share entrepreneurship program development at all levels of education and enjoy THE BEAUTY OF THE OLD SOUTH! Scholarships for teachers will be available to those who apply by September 15, 2007, and Elevator Grant Proposals are due September 28, 2007

For Additional Information visit:
Or to register, contact us at:

Or Call 614-486-6538.

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One of the reasons REAL was developed was to deal with the issue of youth leaving their communities. The greatest asset the communities have, particularly in rural communities, where they felt they had no opportunity. We felt like that they needed to see opportunities within their own community, and once they saw those opportunities, act on them, and that would help them look at the possibility of making a living wage, as well as adding to the local economic development of the community.

-Cullen Gurganus









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